Malfurion - what can be done to bring back our druid?

At level 1 Malfurion heals 469 health (134 health instantly and 335 over 10 seconds (33.5hp/s)) for 60 mana over 10 seconds. Malfurion's Q is on a 7 second cooldown meaning He could conceivably heal for 701 health over 10 seconds at 120 mana cost.

At level 1 Lt Morales heals 1920 health for 150 mana over 10 seconds.

But Morales is a single target healer where as Malfurion is a multi-target healer. This is made apparent when/if he picks up Tranquility at level 10 and even more so when he picks up Life Seed at level 13. Life Seed gives a free HoT to someone every 20 seconds and his ult heals all teammates nearby while still allowing him to use his Q heal and Life Seed passive.

At 10 Malfurion's Q heals 198hp and 496hp/s for 10 seconds (297+794 if talented for Rampant Growth and Enduring Growth) and his Ult heals for 136hp/s over 10 seconds (1360hp) at a total of 160 mana. That's 2451 hp over 10 seconds to 1 person and 1360hp over 10 seconds to 4 other people for 160 mana. That's 7891 HP healed over 10 seconds for 160 mana. At 10 Lt Morales' Q heals 284 hp/s for 2840 hp over 10 seconds at 150 mana over 10 seconds.

At 13 Malfurion's Q heals for 223hp and 558hp over 10 seconds (335+893 if you took Rampant Growth and Enduring Growth). His ult heals for 153hp/s for 10s (1530hp). His Life Seed heals for 893HP over 10 seconds. He can heal 3651 to a single target over 10 seconds (assuming life seed procs and then he Qs the life seed target) and 9771 total healing over 5 targets for 160 mana. At 13 Lt Morales' Q heals for 320hp/s @ 15mp/s if you took Intensive Care after 3 seconds it starts healing for 400hp/s @ 19mp/s. 3760hp for 178 mana.

Now I know Morales has damage mitigation via her Safeguard which will help keep her sustained healing up but I just want to point out that Malfurion can keep up several people over time vs just one person and spend a lot less mana doing it especially when he gets life seed.

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