Man arrested for refusing to give phone passcode to border agents

If I may,

Your whole slant seems to be, "Fuck this guy trying to hide his insignificant, embarrassing crap. He shouldn't be so selfish. Just show it like everyone else and move on." I think the reason we don't agree is you are having an argument with completely different assumptions than me, and probably, the man who got arrested.

Your framework assumes that seizing my property, exposing my private life, and assuming I'm a criminal, just to prove I'm not is completely justifiable in the interest of natural security. Furthermore you feel that those things should happen, so the argument should be about what degree of selfish you are if you don't comply.

I would argue that those sort of zealous border laws are creeping dangerously close to my rights as a citizen. You are essentially assuming everyone crossing a border is guilty, and making them prove they are not. That is not how law should work. Nor should police officers manning that border have the right to seize my property and know my private thoughts/life. It's fundamentally wrong, and once that practice becomes second nature, the next step will be taken. It's not a step I want to see.

Further, your last paragraph assumes some sort of lack of respect towards the border officer. This is a logical fallacy I see a lot when talking about the 'wars on terror'. You can very easily, and respectfully dislike a policy without hating the people who enforce it. It's not the soldiers fault that hundreds of thousands of civilians have been murdered over there. I mean it sorta, kinda is. But in an environment of taking a young, malleable mind and breaking it down into an obedient soldier, combined with harsh jail terms for not obeying. You're kinda fucked trying to just do the best you can over there. The onus is on the people in charge. Same with border patrol. Most of the officers are just doing a job, hoping they are helping keep things safe, more importantly they are bound to seize phones and investigate shit. They didn't make the rules. But someone we voted for did. And that's why we, on reddit, have the right to bitch.

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