Man arrested in violent hate-crime beating of Asian woman in Yonkers

Asian person assaulted? : Reddit and twitter users sleep.

Black person shot while being a danger to society : Real shit? This isn't right. Fuck pigs. (Really just a dog whistle).

Clearly there seems to be a genuine lack of care for people belonging to "other" groups. Its why there's been major division in this country forever now. If I've learned anything from the last 10 years. People are still tribalistic and racists of all races should be called out and shunned in society. The problem is we genuinely have lost brain cells as a society to think outside of race. Everything is racial now. We can't even have a discussion without saying, "this group of people can't be racist because of X past event." There is no more individualism anymore. Everything is just grouped based on arbitrary things such as skin color. Society is just gonna be stuck with morons forever, and you guys are gonna be arguing about whether jails are unjust and if we just provide hand jobs to criminals they'll stop assaulting random old people. This shit has gotten so played out and no one takes responsibility for bad policies that let recurring criminals roam free. Tell me more about jail reform being vital to solving racial inequalities while another innocent person is assaulted for no reason other than their ethnicity. I'm sick of criminals roaming the street and people pretending there's nothing that can be done to get rid of these rejects in society.

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