Man beats woman and pulls out gun - Deep Ellum

Woman chiming in here: this is fucked up but they were both wrong and they both deserve to be arrested. She did some illegal shit and got called out. Then she got pissy with the man trying to take her plate photo and threatens him. Then he knocks her phone out of her hand. Then she punches him square in his face... She says she slapped him away from her but she took one step, maybe one and a half steps towards him in order to be close enough to punch him and she's tall and her arm reach is pretty decent length. He must have already been 5 feet away when she went up to hit him. Violence is never the answer whether you are a man or a woman - that's important to remember here. If she hadn't hit him first we don't know that nothing else would have happened. She should have started screaming for help and run away the second he knocked that phone out of her hand. She's lucky he didn't kill her but she assaulted him, too.

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