Man called ‘white boy’ before brutal attack in South Memphis

Did it ever occur to you that everyone who owned slaves is dead?

Are you honestly suggesting that a white kid who was grown up hearing that their race committed atrocities is somehow more racist than the ones who grew up being told they were slaves?

We promote black racism - it's simply a fact. We do so by making sure that every bad thing that happens to a black person is because of racism. "Fuckin police hating on me 'cause i'm black." Dasracist.gif.

It's all a joke and people grow up joking about that and it becomes a default believe/saying at the very least.

The truth is that most of the recent generations of white are less racist then anyone else. They have to constantly be on guard - can't be accused of being racist.

Only recently has this this been shifting, where we are starting to demand accountability from all races. I was talking to a coworker (he is mexican) and he asked me how I knew something. I replied with, "Because! I'm from the streets!".

Somehow, a black girl at my work overheard this and got offended - we worked together closely and she was rude as hell to me one day for no reason, so me being the nice person I am asked her if something was bugging her. After some prodding, she comes out with "I heard you say you were from the streets... asshole" as though it had anything to do with her ... she then proceeded to tell me that the whole company was "racist."

I was completely fucking blown away. Literally had nothing to do with her at all... like if someone had said, "I was born and raised on an airplane" and I took that as some racist comment about whites or something ... like only whites were born on airplanes. WTF people.

Anyway, the point is that I was a very good white kid growing up and I knew to respect all races and people. I still know this, but holy shit if there aren't some stereotypes that the races squeeze onto. One of them is the "racist accusing" black person.

"You racist white boy? What you got a problem with black people?"

Another time when I was the victim of racism is when I stumbled into an all black club. I was in college and had just broken up with my girlfriend and was just there to get absolutely shitfaced. I ended up making friends with some black girls there and I was dancing with them - one of them repeatedly screamed "go white boy! go white boy!" as though my fucking race summed me up completely... really odd - could not imagine the flip screaming "DANCE BLACK GIRL! DANCE BLACK GIRL!" I mean, I just wouldn't do that.

Anyway, to round this hilarious story off nicely, a conga line formed and in my drunken stupor I jumped into line and suddenly there were a whole bunch of people giving me dirty looks and the girl I was with pulled me out of the line and said "WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING. THAT'S RACIST. THAT LINE IS NOT FOR YOU"...

It didn't occur to me how fucked up all of it was until I thought about it while walking home that night. I just can't imagine ever doing that to someone. I can only surmise that it is the joking about how racist white people are or whatever that actually perpetuates racism. It's crazy.

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