Man celebrating vote to repeal Obamacare learns he is on Obamacare.

Single payer, but still allow people who are willing to pay extra for services to jump ahead of the queue. That money can be used to improve services for everyone else.

As for my beliefs, I can talk all day about it, but here is a condensed version of it:

Democrats tend to play identity politics more than republicans, which I absolutely hate. I am a black guy myself and I do not want a job because the company needs to 'diversify' Fuck that. Give me the job because I am qualified, not because you need to fill your black guy quota. I literally quit my last government job because of this bullshit mentality. So many incompetent people there who got their job by abusing the system. Also when growing up I have always been taught to take whatever I can from the government, which never sat well with me. I also think the rich shouldn't be taxed more just because they earn more. They are already paying more due to the nature of percentages (15% of 100 is less than 15% of 10,000), and how much stuff they need to do to earn that money. The democratic party (on paper) wants to take money from the rich simply because they earn more, which is extremely unfair, and takes away from the focus from the real issues (another reason why I align more with republicans, the dems tend to have more knee jerk reactions... but that is political opinion). There is extreme income inequality in the US, but that isn't because the rich isn't being taxed enough.

I also don't think abortion should be legal in every case mainly because that the fact that the humanity of a fetus is debatable. If a fetus is a human, then terminating it is murder, and if you are for abortion then you are for having a mother decide if her child should live or die, which is unethical. For the special case of terminating a pregnancy because the child has a uncurable disease, that is euthanasia, which is completely different than abortion. For rape cases, emotionally I wouldn't want a woman to give birth to a child that was conceived through rape, but ethically I don't think the woman should rob the child of life. Practical solution is to place the kid in a foster home. I think I am with republicans on my abortion stance since democrats are pretty much universally pro-abortion.

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