Man challenges Gaston to manly push-up contest at Disney World

You'd be surprised at how little training we get!

Like, before I got hired I thought I would have a couple of weeks of training. Instead, here's what happened:

1 day of general "Disney" training, for anyone working at Disneyland, even if you're working in corporate. This has all you general "large corporation" hallmarks, including stuff like what to do when a coworker pulls out a gun and what to do in a terrorist attack, followed up by a PowerPoint presentation for hours.

1 day of Disneyland-specific training, where we walk around the park like a giant tour group and learn about how the "4 keys" of Disney (Safety, Courtesy, Show, and Efficiency, in that order) work in practice. This is also where we learn about how the "backstage" bit of the park works. The majority of the day was spent going through a PowerPoint slideshow about how things worked on the most basic level, like the management structure and stuff.

1 day of "guest interaction" training. This is where I met the girl I would be training with, and we got personally trained by someone who I would later find out would be one of my bosses. The other ones were basically groups of 40+ cast members, while this one was just the two of us. This was just us learning how to trade pins and direct traffic, basically. We also learned where to go for schedules and a bunch of internal company stuff like that -- no training on how to deal with specific comments or reactions other than "keep the 4 keys in mind for any confrontation with a guest".

3 days of attractions training. This just teaches you how to run your ride -- one day of opening, one day of closing, and then a test on the final day by one of your "real" bosses.

Nowhere in that was anything about dealing with angry guests, other than "keep the 4 keys in mind when talking to them" and "if it's out of your control, go find your manager." For the most part, you're out there on your own, but it's not so bad. I thought it would be tougher than it actually is, and it's a lot of fun -- plus we get a lot of breaks and some pretty cool perks.

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