Man decapitated near Paris and anti-terror probe launched, prosecutors say

From an education point of view. France has a state mandated and highly secular curriculum. This has worked out very well for them, as the Curriculum is evaluated and changed on a yearly basis. A very important topic when discussing the Curriculum is about preparing the French for a globalized world through the promotion of things like STEM but also diversity.

One of the biggest criticisms and hotly debated topics and the source of an endless array of that Muslims in France feel that their voice, especially within the Curriculum is being silenced. Indeed, regardless of approaches to Muslim, there has been ongoing criticisms towards the curriculum for the past 40 years that is summed up as "they focus too much on producing French citizens rather than global citizens".

Education system in France puts tremendous pressure on students to be productive members of the state. This has arguably led to a very insular people and culture when compared to other European nations. This stands in stark contrast to places like Singapore which are producing extremely well rounded globalized students.

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