Has a man ever taken a photo/video of you without your consent? What did you do?

This happened to me once. It's fucking gross.

I was at a house party with our group of friends and my boyfriend. I did not spruce up. If anything I looked like a hot mess because it was a really chill night watching Into The Spiderverse.

So there's this newer guy there sitting on the couch to my right, I'm sitting in the center couch next to my boyfriend. Near the end of the night the credits roll and we're discussing, when I notice the guys phone pointed at me. Weird, but maybe he's doing something else. I don't look great so I'm not sure why he'd be taking a picture. Bam, flash goes off in a darkish room pointed right at me. What the fuck? Surely I'm misunderstanding here.

Boyfriend texts me and says what the fuck, did he just take a picture of you? Let me handle this, I say, I don't want to cause a scene. Okay, go for it.

So this guy gets up and I ask, in front of everyone, hey did you take a picture? Oh uh yeah, I just thought it would be nice. Well can I see it, I ask. He says oh I'd be happy to text it to you. Um? You think I'm going to give you my number? Dumbass?

Well kindness and discrepancy didn't work. Time to bring in the big guns. Boyfriend takes him aside and asks what the fuck that was. I saw you take a picture of [JudeFlowers97]. Show me the picture. Guy just fumbles on his phone and says he deleted it. Deleted it? You were just about to text her the picture so surely you have it. Where is it?

After a few minutes of scaring the absolute fuck out of this idiot, he leaves, texts host of the party how embarrassed he is, and none of us are having it. We never saw him again.

My advice for in person? Speak up. Embarrass them. Exclude them. If you see that car again try to catch the license plate if possible. That's a really weird and scary situation. Stay safe.

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