Man exposes himself at anti female violence rally

It's a fact, it's not passive aggressive.

I haven't called you out? Really lol? Oh let me count the ways:

"Obviously he wasn't trying to show solidarity, do you know what that word even means?"

Clearly you don't, never answered.

Who said he was jerking off?

You were speculating, never answered.

They want to be extreme so as to gain attention, it works doesn't it?

That's exactly what they're doing and it does work, never answered.

So if a girl is masturbating or partially naked in public, it's justifiable for me to beat the shit out of her? Sounds reasonable.

Clearly a hypocritical stance which you agree with, never answered.

I would think that as a mod, you'd be better equipped with logic and critical thinking skills. Clearly you can't see past your own biases.

You can't and you are the authority here, never addressed. Maybe someone a little more reasonable should have your position instead.

Oh wait, looking now, you went back and edited your post:

I defend simple basic logic, which you aren't displaying.

ROFL, clearly you're the only one equipped with "simple basic logic". How nice to always have the right answers in every scenario. How else could anyone ever be correct in the face of the mighty /u/rdeluca.

Hypocritical thinking is usually self-defeating. Maybe some day you'll grow out of it. Right now, you just lack the moral humility to admit you were wrong or that such a thing is even possible. Actually is kind of sad to think that you're in a position of authority here.

Called out x3 here.

Again it's just a fact, if you take it as passive aggressive that's on you, not me. You haven't actually pointed out any hypocricy. Sooo....

And once again, you prove that you lack any moral humility. Ah, to be young and infallible again.

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