A man films himself destroying a homeless shelter on the sidewalk - Los Angeles California

The blind people are complaining because they can’t walk safely around the streets because people camping on the sidewalks and they have a very valid point and that is how Sacramento is starting to clean up the sidewalks because it’s a violation for handicapped people. I know some people are homeless and some people want to be homeless and live on the streets and some don’t but the promises when they start collecting tons of junk that’s when it starts getting icky and ugly and the trash builds up and they start pooping places they need to have our houses where some of these encampments are and they need to get them off the streets find a big parking lot someplace where they can all set up their tents in their RVs and stuff get them off the streets it’s not safe to have them there. People need to use the sidewalk they can’t and unless you take on drug issues such as getting people clean and getting them to want to be clean and stay clean you’re gonna continue to have a lot of this problem.

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