Man In his Underwear Protects Family from Seattle Robbers 3 Times in One Week

I've lived on and off in Seattle since 2008, and travelled for work to other towns, and I travel a lot for fun.

In Seattle I've been assaulted once in-front of Cherry Hill Medical Center, and another time on Union in-between 3rd and 4th while heading to work. I've been accused by a druggie I was a Narc while waiting for an Uber after picking up family dinner at Kau Kau. I had a group of kids harass my mom while she was watching our U-Haul while my wife and I were packing our apartment. I've never been assaulted outside of Seattle, not in LA, not in Detroit, not in Oakland, not in Singapore, not in Seoul, and not in Tokyo.

I get you lived here for 30+ years and that might make you... bias towards Seattle but even you have to admit the town as a whole has gone downhill since about 2018-2019 massively. Violent crime goes up every year, rent skyrockets and makes more homeless... there isn't a single entrance to Seattle that does not have a homeless camp along side it. Police enforce nothing and there are homeless camps every few blocks in every neighborhood. When I left my studio for my new house my old landlord even told me the rent was increasing from my 1800 to 2500... for a 'open one bedroom' which is a fancy way of saying studio.

I've worked in SoDo, the International district, downtown, and Westlake they all have problems now.

I have been in LA for business and I will agree Seattle has a very long way to go to be as bad as LA... but come on how are you realistically thinking this is still a good town?

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