As a man, I think the men here greatly underestimate the fundamental advantages of being a man in society......

  1. Agree, but because I have a size advantage over 99% of men. Short and effeminate guys might feel more scared. Statistically male-on-male violence is more common than male-on-female violence, so those weak guys are even more likely to be victimized than women. Mugging, assault, etc
  2. Disagree. Women can and do approach men too.
  3. Same as 1
  4. Agree
  5. Same. But I think that's a privilege of being a tall, educated, competent professional. Working class men don't get that respect.
  6. Women's bodies are amazing enough to monetize over all forms of media. Have to disagree with you on that. I like what my body can do athletically, but aesthetically women have a lot to be happy about.
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