A man points at Barron Trump on Tv and keeps talking about how he has to take a piss, 738 views

Lol you used the term snowflake wrong you idiot.

bruh, look how pissy you've got over a low brow joke, about someone in a role of prestige, doing something unlikely. Take a step back and look how offended you are.

The president made a remark about how his son is "good with the cyber" that I was paraphrasing.

I know, and it spiralled into a meme because of what cyber's double meaning is.

In case you didnt know: "special snowflake" or "snowflake" for short is an insult making fun of those who think that they are unique and special, but actually closely conform to social trends and seek acceptance from society. Originally coined to make fun of "scene" where (particularity women) said that they were unique and everyone copied their style, despite the fact that they all looked the same.

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