This is the man that President Donald Trump just decided to pardon.

I get your point. It's just that people get up in arms about supposed racism through profiling and it takes the venom out of the bite when cases like the Mike Brown attack pick up unworthy publicity. I'm not a fan of my rights being ignored by police, I'm also not a fan of criminals roughing up clerks and wrecking American immigrant's businesses. There are ways to stand up for your rights without violence and physical resistance.

Also, its not bad to becognizant of your surroundings and aware of potential dangers, it's a learned human response. If I'm a young female walking down the road at night alone and a male is walking toward me, I'm going to switch sides of the street or prep my pepper spray or taser. To insist police deliberately disregard a rough looking person in a nice part of town would be a dereliction of duty in my opinion.

Policing of poor neighborhoods is becoming a thing of the past because of hatred of police for arresting people within the community that peddle drugs, kill people, and torment fellow citizens of their community. I think part of this is the failed drug war but i think some blame on the drug dealers pushing crack and heroin on their neighbors should be addressed as well. The ghetto is not a great place, living off of government assistance is not anyone's aspiration. So to tackle the issues of the trap, certain types of profiling is necessary. Part of policing people is doing investigative detective work and being aware of your jurisdiction, the trends of things that happen in your area, the recurring Times at which things happen, and the types of people that congregate in certain locations, etc. If something looks out of the norm, they should investigate.

Police have a difficult job. Especially when most of the evil in their communities are sometimes looked up to as heroes as well. Let's be honest, gang culture is going to be America's version of terror cells at some point. Especially since they are starting to become politically motivated.

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