Man pushing middle age discovers that teen Tinder users only want one thing, and is upset by what it is

I spent a few years sub teaching as a side gig and I feel like teaching is a profession that should make you want to date someone younger than you even less.

When I'd take high school classes, yes, some of the students looked a lot older than their age and could pass for college students. But the second I'd talk to any student that difference between age groups couldn't be more clear. People may think back on grade school with a vague recollection and say "Oh yeah, I was definitely a dumb kid and didn't realize it back then," or even have a kid of their own and see how they used to act, but it's so much more noticeable being in a room of 30 different teenagers every hour.

If he's a college professor at least the culture/maturity gap is less noticeable, but it's still very much there.

I'm not gonna look down on OP for finding 25 year olds hot. That would be dumb. I can see situations where that's a viable relationship as well with a 34 year old. Not regularly, but it's not a crazy notion. But it's the "under 25" part that stands out to me.

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