Man saves girl from pitbull attack using a chokehold.

Pitbulls aren't bred to be loving. They are bred to maim and murder, inflicting as much unprovoked damage as possible without feeling the need or fear to remove itself from its target. That's nothing but a hard fact.

Lots and lots of violent murderous pitbulls come from loving families that have treated the dogs perfectly. And then the pitbull kills some one out of the blue.

A retrieving dog will retrieve on instinct. A pointing dog will point on instinct. A breed, with few exceptions, does what it is bred to do. This doesn't change just because bully breeds were bred for something more heinous. Are most (yes, I said most) bully breed owners irresponsible or down right awful people? Yes. Yes they are. But that doesn't change the fact that pitbulls such as the one in thr video are doing exactly what they feel is right.

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