Get this man some medical equipment

What equipment was that? The millions of masks being ordered by states in the absence of a coordinated federal response? Maybe it’s the broken ventilators and rotting masks from the National Stockpile, which deteriorated after Trump terminated the contract of the company maintaining it? Never mind, according to Jared Kushner, the National Stockpile is not for states to use. Perhaps it’s the millions of tons of PPE that Trump shipped to China in February, well after he was warned about the inevitable impact in the US, and US intel agencies, HHS and CDC had been warning him of the pandemic since November? Oh, no, I know. It’s the PPE orders placed by states, then seized by FEMA with no explanation because the director is dumber than you are. Don’t worry, though, Jared is in charge, and he and his wannabe Silicon Valley disrupters with no experience are totally fucking it up.

Cleveland Clinic is one of the top-ranked hospitals on the planet, and they don’t have this equipment you’re referring to.

Also, we criticize what Trump does because Trump is a fucking buffoon. Grossly negligent, pathetically ignorant. I’d say you’re a ghoul too, but clearly you’re just a fucking moron.

While were also on a topic of flyovers, you’d do well to understand that those are also government funded propaganda

All in all I would say you need to shut the fuck up and sit down because you are speaking out your ass and have no idea what the fuck youre talking about.

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