Man up

Hello all,

I just wanted to address some of the comments as I did not expect this to gain as much attention as it has.

I want to thank everyone for such good constructive criticism and I will be keeping all feedback in mind when writing in the future.

I just waited to address some comments about the phrase "Man up" and how some people feel I am discrediting this (which is your right to think so).

Please keep in mind that this is all my opinion and my view on the matter. For me the phrase "Man up" is idealizing a specific standard and stereotype a Male should adhere to. By telling someone to "man up" is telling someone to better adhere to the standards set by society or their own idealism of a 'man'. A man should never be a set standard, neither should being a woman or whichever gender you identify as.

I read a comment in which their opinion was that this phrase is a positive affirmation to the betterment of the individual.

I pose the idea that the man in this poem has no other men in his life that actually lives up to the standard set by this phrase and soceity, therefor when he recalls what a man is, he is greeted with the short summaries of the men present in his life. He takes this as the person telling him to be like these men, which he does not agree with.

That being said, the purpose of this imperfect poem was to send the message that nobody/nothing is perfect. Not the standard set by society or the men that exist in our lives. Thats not to say we should not strive to be better but dont beat yourself up for not being perfect. Be your own 'man'/individual.

I'd love to hear all your opinions on this and please continue the feedback and constructive criticism, I really do appreciate it all!

Thank you for reading,


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