As a man, what am I to expect from my partner giving birth? my partner is 8 months pregnant and I just realise I'm not really sure what I will do my end while they go into labour, people who have kids, what's it like, what did you do and how can I help best? many thanks!!

Here's the tip I give every man about to become a first-time father.

It's always an enormous relief for the dad when he gets to hand off the baby for nursing, because he thinks his job is done. It's not quite done.

When a woman nurses a baby, about a minute after the milk flows she will become extraordinarily thirsty. Neither she nor you will think about this in advance because nursing usually begins when the baby is fussy or crying and your focus will be on the child.

Every time you hand off the baby for nursing, go straight to the kitchen and get a tall glass of water. Usually the timing works out that you will be setting the glass next to her just at the moment the thirst hits her. It's hard to overestimate just how God-like this will make you seem in her eyes.

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