Man with An American flag shirt, reaction to kids protesting gun violence in their schools.

It's different from a developed country. Your judging is ignorant and born from privilege.

Kids want to work so that they can eat. Probably been abandoned by their parents ages ago.

Kids come to work promising they're 18 and looking 12.

You can avoid giving em work but that'll probably just turn them to stealing or begging, which is gonna bring them in touch with worse people. Can't blame em, they gotta eat.

I've seen some kid trying to work in my dad's construction company. He was so skinny and small he couldn't even lift the cement bucket. As soon as my dad saw this, he immediately told the site supervisor to get rid of the kid as it's illegal. The supervisor said that the kid's "brother" claimed he was 18 but had no ID. The kid was kicked off the site but he clearly resented us for not letting him work. The government's not gonna feed him. Who is?

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