Man yells at me but kisses my husband’s ass.

I agree with you. This is not someone calling for the first time, OP says she ignored previous contact. I work as a freelancer at times and sometimes people forget to pay or there is some issue. Generally people who ignore my initial contacts about a missing payment have fucked up.

That aside, people on here would be flipping out if a guy had "mansplained" to her to save money. Maybe they did and other contractors fucked them over and that's why they are now desperate. Maybe they do save up but other factors come into play. Unless you suspect bad faith then telling them to "save up" is pretty shitty.

ALL that said, OP posted this:

Edit #2: it’s amazing to me how many others have gone through a similar situation! Also thank you to those who made me realize that I was bitchy towards him(I’m genuine) and should’ve been more understanding. If something like this happens again I will do my best to just remain calm and just send my receipts. Thanks for letting me share my story!

OP is a good egg. This is a good opportunity for people to throw their idead around. OP is, at least to me, an obviously good person and I've fucked up in the past in similar ways too so live and learn.

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