“The Mandalorian is a $100 million show about nothing"

How is that a valid defense? Go watch these simple old shows from a half century ago! We're doing that again!

There's a reason I'm NOT watching Gunsmoke. Same reason I'm not watching three's company. Modern TV shows have learned and evolved from the past. It's now reasonable to expect that your audience will derive less satisfaction from seeing the most played-out tropes in screenwriting history than they would have 50 years ago. If you're going to rehash the old cowboy tropes you need to bring something more to the table than "remember Mos Eisley?" They could have vastly improved the feel of the show by having a tiny bit more engagement with the supposed overarching plot- a couple minutes with Werner Herzog every episode, an occasional shot of the enemy bounty hunters narrowing their search for Mando... SOMETHING to make it feel less like a hollow cameo-filled brain-dead diversion.

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