The Many Confessions of Adnan Syed

Interesting post, thanks for taking the time to assemble all these quotes. I agree with you that many of them, particularly when listened to, felt strange or did not settle well with me.

I'm very cautious about reading too much into words or tone, as I feel it really can't lead us anywhere new or tangible, but that's pretty obvious and you've said as much in the post.

That doesn't meant that they have no influence on our beliefs in this case, or our interpretations, and I think examining how they impact those views is stimulating, and useful.

For my part, reading through these I made a connection that I had not made before. I won't assign this any level of weight other than it immediately shot off the screen for me, and that the coincidence or congruence of these two statements, with 15 years between them, unsettled me.

I'll leave it here for others to make of it what they will.

The first, by Adnan, from the OP:

...Hae fought back and there was all this stuff of me, like DNA, like scratches, stuff like that, you know like someone saw me leaving with Hae that day.

From his 2nd trial direct examination, Jay (Similar to statements made in his police interviews):

Q Did he describe the act at all? A Yes. He said that he thought she was trying to say something to him like apologize or say she was sorry, and that she had kicked off the turn signal in the car, and he was worried about her scratching him on the face or something like that he was saying.

I yield that this really can't mean much or point anywhere of substance. Doesn't prove anything. Doesn't serve as evidence of anything. Explanations of all kinds, from innocuous and incriminating, exist without any real way to choose between them. Such is the nature of this type of investigation into rhetoric and character.

But it immediately got added to my list of peculiar, disturbing, and odd things about this case that chew away at the corners of my more reasoned, structured thoughts.

I think it's the things like this that will remain to haunt me, SK and others who have given their time and efforts here, when we've finally tossed up our hands and our reasonable minds have moved on to better things.

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