Many lost pregnancies and many fertility treatments since. Hello 2021.

Ah. Well then we agree on the adapting point. The finite resources + unprecedented changes and obstacles is going to be a major issue though, I think acknowledging that is pretty critical to getting people moving on the whole inventing (and finding...) part of it.

Also, I don’t think extinction is anywhere near our species’ horizon. We do need to come to terms with ‘sixth major extinction’ not being exclusive to us. I find most people hear that and think it means, oh, birds will die out a lot, there’ll be way less bugs, probably whales and like pandas or giraffes or whatever, yeah it’ll suck that these animals will just be in zoos and books. But I’ve rarely heard people consider that we, as a species on earth, are very much up for consideration during an extinction event. It is, first, very very rare for species to thrive during these events (as far as my knowledge tells me- rapidly changing availability of prey/nutrients, changing climates that affect gestation/egg development/breeding habits and fertility, increased natural disasters disrupting normalcy all combined make for conditions only THE most opportunistic creatures can capitalize in. Ants, rats, raccoons come to mind), so to assume WE will is short sighted, ESPECIALLY considering we do not work directly with resources. We depend on supply chains and outsourced health care/supplies/production. If someone in another country isn’t making our rice/insulin/house/electricity... we just won’t have it. So if a portion of the population is affected, an exponential other portion will be as well.

Ummm, I’m on a tangent and too caffeinated. My final point is I am absolutely not writing off any child’s life for suffering. But to deny the distinct possibility that they will grow up facing EXTREMELY different obstacles is both unfair and unwise.

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