Many poor people are lazy and their horrible attitude is what's preventing them from gaining wealth

What about them? You're not a widow. You're a 23-year-old drunkard who let a low class man ejaculate inside her. By the way, I guess that you were option (1) attracted to a "bad boy". What name do bastards take in your state?

This really really really made me laugh hard. Like harder than I have in a long time and I need to thank you for that

You think that in order for me to worry about something I have to be in that specific situation myself? Do you have any concept on empathy? For the record, I'm a dude in college

That is cause and effect, yes. You might as well whine that smoking cigarettes "should mean the person get lung cancer".

Are you really comparing a life time of cigarette smoking to accidentally getting pregnant at a young age? How would you like if a mistake you made when you were young literally followed you for the rest of your life?

But since you asked, in the case of my wife and children, I save money and purchase life insurance so that they will be provided for if I die. I don't ask the taxpayers to do it.

You've already demonstrated that you're incapable of empathy. You think that the only way I could empathize with someones situation is if I was experiencing that situation myself. The entire concept is foreign to you, that's how blatantly selfish you are with no regard for your fellow man, but now that I've introduced you to the concept can you really not at least try not to put yourself in someone elses situation and feel bad for them? You've been indoctrinated your entire life to think this way, and you're probably too old to change. You probably grew up in a middle class family and were given every opportunity in life to succeed. Bonus points if a family member got you your blue collar industry or construction job. Double bonus points if you work in an industry that is heavily subsidized by the government

I'm having a really hard time deciding whether you're just incredibly and hopelessly ignorant, or just selfish as fuck

Also, since you're sad enough to go through my post history, I went through yours as well. If someone is an asshole, they're probably an asshole. If everyone is an asshole, you're probably the asshole. Your post history is a grave of downvoted comments

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