Many poor people are lazy and their horrible attitude is what's preventing them from gaining wealth

I understand if you wont respond, idiots like you can't stand their viewpoints to be discredited. You have no fucking idea what you're talking about and in the back of your head you know it so you just say "I wont reply anymore because he might change my ignorant view of the world" P.S. the reason I brought up the situation in the first place is that my coworkers fiancee was killed by a drunk driver, Your coworker was engaged to be gay married? I'm willing to accept that you're a selfish and ignorant jackass who doesn't care about anyone but himself, you're a dime a dozen on the internet, but what about my prose did you have a problem understanding?

Sad to think that you might be somewhere if you spent maybe half of the time you spend bitching about how unfair life has been to you and how much of a travesty it is that your Burger King salary doesn't give you the life of a king and spent it instead on graduate school or another job. Bullshit, get yourself a fucking real job and take care of your priorities before coming to reddit and acting like a fool

What is it about people like you and basic reading comprehension? the entire point of my posts has been the fact that despite me personally not experiencing these situations, I empathize with people who do.

When did I ever complain about not living the life of a "king". I mentioned that working 60+ hours a week at 2 different jobs and barely being able to feed themselves without government assistance is bullshit. But I guess to you that's living like a king? Also that's 60 hours a week doing hard work constantly, not sitting in a chair in a lab like you say that you do. I've worked white collar jobs before, and 80 hours a week at one doesn't equal 40 hours a week working at a fast food restaurant. You do realize that during these 10 hour shifts you don't sit down once right? it's physically exhausting. We could argue all day about how you sitting in a lab is harder work and you deserve it because you went to college. The irony is how you call other people entitled

I know that you have trouble reading, but I'm going to college myself. I grew up in a nice middle class family so I was able to do that, but I recognize that not everyone had the same advantages growing up. It's embarassing just to think about, but I wrote an article spouting a lot of the shit that you're saying here when I was in highschool, but I didn't realize what people who didn't have all the advantages that I had had to go through until I got a real job while paying for school. I had done clerical and tax work through my teens and I thought that was tough at the end of the day, but I had no idea what a truly exhausting workday was until I worked at Chipotle, you sometimes don't move from that spot for anything for 8 hours. You really like to do this kind of "I know your exact job history and social class based on your reddit post" kind of analysis.

You're right, and I apologize for that fallacy but my school has an open debate club and 90% of the time people who argue this shit, that describes them to a tee. At this point it's a habit I don't remember the last time my colleagues and I had a normal night sleep because everyone here puts in 50 hour work weeks no exceptions.

I already said that most of my coworkers work 40 hours at one job and 20+ at another because they can't get overtime. So they work more than you, and it's physically exhausting. Sitting in your air conditioned lab is probably very tiring, poor you

The entire reason we got into this debate is that I said that people who work 60+ hours a week should be able to live without government assistance. I didn't say that they should live as comfortably as someone who went to school for 10 years, just that they should be able to live above the poverty line. You have this image in your head of people on welfare buying new cars and living as well as you, but it's not true. They can't even afford to repair the POS car they have now without picking up extra hours at their other job

You're seriously so angry about you and your friends' life choices as of recently it shows through your tone.

I'm mad at ignorant people like you who have no idea what they're talking about, you think people are poor because they don't work hard enough when they work more than you can imagine. I'd bet you anything that you would die if you had to live a week in their shoes, you'd probably pass out if you worked in the kitchen for a couple hours during a lunch rush. Your response will be "well I went to college so I don't have to do that", but that doesn't negate how hard others work

Ps the U.S. is not the richest country in the world

When i typed that I wondered "I don't think he'll be so petty to correct me, he knows it's hyperbole". Guess I was wrong

I'm going to ask you one more time, do you really not empathize for a single mother who had to drop out of school when her fiancee was killed by a drunk driver and who now works 60 hours a week at 2 jobs just to barely be able to feed herself and her child? The part where I said she had to pick up extra hours at work when her truck broke down is exactly what happened to her. God forbid she gets sick and can't work for a few days

Dude I really can't tell if you're just willingly selfish and delusionally ignorant, or just a fucking sociopath. People like you are what's wrong with the world, you're incapable of caring about anyone else

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