Many See I.R.S. Fines As More Affordable Than Insurance

Americans don't mind if fellow Americans die if that saves them a few dollars.

This is a demographic generalization, and I wouldn't mind it if it were seated in some actual citation,or near such as a reference, to show that only Americans are the ones who are this way. If your intention is to say that Americans don't have as much empathy toward people outside their known group circles, than that can be said of the entire human population.

I'm having trouble finding the research, but there was a journal that showed that human brains only have enough capacity for true empathy for somewhere between 100-200 people,I'll keep looking for it ,after that it's just a generalized that sounds terrible sort, which I hypothesize breaks down to cultural decisions, tax rates medicare, but since I have no research or reference to research to that so.

The big problem with your argument is that yes, a large number of Americans actually DO want single payer system,at least a lot of polls were showing that when this was coming out, and as said by other redditors here the system failed us. It became closed door, and the Republican party is said to have closed it. To be fair though, I think a lot of redditors would do better if they read Barack Obama: A Republican Soul Trapped Inside a Democrat’s Body, July 2004 written by Professor Lucas Morel.

I don't think a lot of foreigners will do much in the way of trying to understand any of this, and it will ultimately fall on deaf ears--but here is my big point. America isn't a single country. We act like it,but we aren't.We have a federal government with all of it's branches, but that doesn't mean that all of these states and cultures actually agree on much of a anything other than if you kill us, we will prove we are better at killing you and everyone who lives in your country back.

We can't agree. That's why there is so much bull crap. If I had anal sex with a woman in a brothel in Nevada state, I would be fine.Outside of that brothel, I could be in trouble. If I did in a county outside of that were it is illegal, I could have my face plastered everywhere and my employer would probably have to fire me. If I had anal sex say anywhere in Louisiana, where the local county sheriffs counld have a problem with it, I could end up on a sex offenders list--game over. And don't get me started on Texas. I know of a video gamer who said she was going to sue anyone who recorded her voice because she was Australian. The servers were in Texas, different laws.Unless you have a crap load of oil, Texas probably doesn't care about your foreign complaints/laws. I can't change any of those states laws, because I don't live in them, and if the federal government did, it could end in very serious problems.

TL;DR: We aren't having problems with our health care because Americans in general don't give a shit as long as someone else dies. We just either can't agree pseudo-unanimously, and certain state politicians block things every step of the way, or because we are not a single country and you can't really just force states into doing things they don't want(i.e. the gun law restrictions you foreigners keep telling us to do, would probably start a civil war).

My formatting sucks and I'm a lil too lazy/busy to fix it, but I hope that helped.

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