So many staffing agencies ugh!

You sound like you work for a recruiter. You literally said exactly why it’s bait and switch and then say it’s not that lol. They know the job doesn’t exist anymore and yet they don’t tell you until you’re in the door.

Here’s a prime example years ago with a staffing place, I went through them and they told me this specific job wasn’t available or I wasn’t qualified can’t remember exactly and refused to find me work. I said fine, I went direct to the company and was hired on the spot first interview. Recruiter found out right after and was extremely pissed because I bypassed them. I wasn’t qualified yet the company thought differently. They didn’t even attempt to share my info with the company they just wanted me registered to do other crap job they couldn’t fill even though I applied for the other one.

You would think their job is to place people but it isn’t. Their job is to get paid for the listing from employers. It’s all a con and very few actually place people.

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