Why do so many want their ex back?

Better doesn't always mean right. I was in a relationship with someone better suited for me a year after my break up. At that point, I had completely moved on from my ex and was open to meeting someone new. When it happened, everything couldn't have been more ideal. We aligned perfectly on every level except chemistry. I didn't feel that "click" the way I did with my ex.

Instead of dwelling on it, I told myself since we were together for so long that it was residual feelings that needed to subside. Not only was I wrong about that but I chose to ignore my intuition.. that little voice that said my ex was "the one." Like many who ask, "why want an ex back" and to which I have replied countless times - "Right person, wrong time." People leave for various reasons. Sometimes, believe it or not, life gets in the way. As much as we're in control, there's just as much outside of what we're able to see and understand. You just need to have faith that what is meant for you will find its way back.

Everyone has their own path and experiences. I agree that we should honour their wishes and leave them alone instead of smothering them with neediness. If you believe this person has a purpose in your life, let go and don't worry about how things will work out. You ruin your chances of reconciling when you act and speak out of desperation. If you want your ex then want them. Don't let anyone tell you it's wrong or silly or anything else. Your desires are your own so protect them.

There's no quick fix when it comes to reconciling with a past love or anyone else for that matter. It takes time but it's not impossible. It can be if you don't focus on yourself and put your well being first.

It's sort of disheartening when you see this topic come up and notice the amount of judgement that comes with it. Law of attraction is about living and having a better life for you. Yes, that can include being with someone you used to date. Let people attract and manifest their truths. Sooner or later, they will reach a conclusion on their own whether it's better to be with an ex or someone new. All of us create and shape our realities. Going off of the amount of negativity that surrounds this issue, I assume many don't include their exes in their present or futures while others like myself left the past behind, continue to take great care of ourselves in the present, and are now in new relationships with our ex's going into the future.

Live and let live.

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