Why so many times???

As the person who owns the character from the screenshot. I'll say this.

As a player who's played the game for quite a while now. I really enjoy this game a lot.

Back when I first started. Like many who play the game. I looked and saw how many people had such high reforges. I was like; "Wow, that some dedication!"

Now after I've played it for a while now. Not consistently only within the last year. Have I really spent a lot of time playing it.

As another person said "It's for Clout" Yes, while this is correct. This is not the only reason.

Another reason was I just got into a new guild. Kind you that had u not shown my dedication and willingness to put forth the effort. I would not have even been noticed.

Please understand that I know people have their own reasons and why they would expend such an amount of time into the game.

Simply it's fun, competitive, without being overly complex. That and you can play for clips or long stints as you want.

I hope to see you in the game. Remember that one of the biggest points of playing games is. FUN!

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