Do many women take advantage of being able to have casual sex so easily than men?

,like she is 58 years old, has Std, super fat with very ugly picture, there are still lots of guys who send message to her when it's never possible for a man.

Hahahaha, really? So what? Lots of these guys will be trolling her, and the rest will be fucked-up guys with STDs themselves, mentally unstable etc.

It's a fact that dating apps are more in favour for women than men. So what?

why are you so uncomfortable admitting this reality?

It's the fact that you don't realise that sex isn't so important for most women that they engage in casual sex with strangers whenever possible, even if it's available for them. The risk, the satisfaction level, the attractiveness of the guy etc. are simply not worth it.

While for you sex > masturbation. For many women masturbation > sex.

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