Mao didn't even become Chairman until 1949...what??

They want to kill 67 million millennials? That’s a great way to make America not exist in twenty years when the boomers are dead. Do they think if the next generation is killed off they’ll get to live forever in some capitalist utopia where everyone is rich because all the youth and job stealing illegals are gone?

I mean, who actually does the labor? I don’t see the boomers who retired at 55 going to work in the factories and fields. It would be great to see their reactions when they’re forced to go back to work because they’ve killed off the people who are supposed to care for them in their old age.

Oh, you retired and are living off the rent you charge in the four houses you bought when the market was reasonable. Well there’s no one to rent your houses to, guess you’ll have to go back to work. Foods gotten crazy expensive? Maybe it has something to do with all those people you killed who used to do all the harvesting? We’re being invaded? Shit, maybe we shouldn’t have killed off an entire generation of people fit enough to fight, don’t worry though, a seventy year old with an AR-15 and dementia will certainly stop an invading force.

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