[MARCA] Andy Carroll, Fernando Torres' substitute, without a club: "My kids think I'll sign for Man City or Barcelona"

But man, as someone who struggled with depression, I just find all those players so insincere. Depression is not a periodic sadness, it's a fucking abyss, pretending to be depressed for clout or a job is so pathetic, anti-social, narcissistic and opportunistic, it also feeds the society negative reactions to depressions and deepens the stigma. Fuck them fot it.

I do not believe footballers that claim depression and go to media, because being depressed is like last thing you do, you seek out interactions with strangers. It took me so much energy to just go to showers, sometimes I didn't even go out of bed for days, and they go all dressed with fresh hair-cut for a interview and want what?

This is why I felt for Aaron Lennon, because he went missing from the spot-light and we learned weeks or months later the reason and he stayed out more or less out of spotlight since, meanwhile some players go to interviews and trails around Europe.

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