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In Small Favor, all thirty coins are supposedly accounted for. Twelve coins have allegedly been collected prior to the start of the book. One is collected at Marcone's safehouse. Eleven more are gained at the aquarium, and then six Denarians are confronted on the island. Meaning, eighteen Denarians actually appear in the book. Seven of these Denarians are very easy to keep track of, those being Nicodemus, Deirdre, Tessa, Rosanna, Magog, and Thorned Namshiel. As well as Akariel, the coin Thomas picks up at the fight in Marcone's safehouse, which Harry immediately gives to the Knights.

The problem is keeping track of the eleven coins gained at the aquarium. But let's try it anyway:

  • #1.) Urumviel is killed by Dresden at the aquarium. Tessa takes back his coin.

(Note: Harry then says he sees "more than a dozen" Denarians enter the Aquarium. Eighteen, minus Nicodemus, Namshiel, Akariel, and Urumviel, makes fourteen...ish. (We'll come back to this.)

  • #2.) A Denarian, a "lizard-looking thing," is seemingly killed by Kincaid in the same room. The body twitches until it stops moving and bleeding, although we don't see its coin leave the body.

(Note: We then hear another Denarian presumably get shot by Kincaid ("On the far side of the room one of the Denarians started screaming, a wail of agony"). This Denarian will not be counted at this time, as it likely did not die from this shot and thus could be any of the Denarians that show up later. I'm going with this for a few reasons.)

  1. Other lethal shots from Kincaid never result in much screaming.
  2. Kincaid abandons his sniper position after this shot (though he might have done this anyway).
  3. We'll later learn that Kincaid killed 5 Denarians total at the aquarium. We'll go into more detail about this later, but we see Kincaid kill 2 (if the lizard-thing counts), and Rosanna reports 3 more.

Continuing on.

  • #3.) and #4.) ("Obsidian Statue" and "Shaggy Feathers") incapacitate Harry.
  • #5.), #6.), and #7.) (Varthiel, Ordiel, and McKullen) are killed by Kincaid while they were searching for him, as reported by Rosanna.
  • #8.) Another Denarian ("several hundred pounds of scales and fangs") is killed by Ivy when it tries to sneak up on her. She steps on its coin when it tries to roll away.

Here's where it gets a little tricky. Why is it tricky? There's just three Denarians left, right? WRONG.

The first problem: Dresden then mentions "half a dozen" other Denarians that appear to surround Ivy. This does not include Obsidian Statue or Shaggy Feathers (who are still sitting on Harry), but it does including Rosanna. So we have about five other unnamed Denarians.

So... given the inexact nature of the phrase "half a dozen," and because I need this count to work, I'm going to round "half a dozen" down to a generous four. TRY AND STOP ME YOU CAN'T. (I suppose we can also say that the lizard-thing Denarian is still alive and increasing the headcount. Or that any of Varthiel, Ordiel, or McKullen were not taken out and Rosanna was lying.)

Minus Rosanna, that's still three new Denarians. That's perfect, right?

No. Because of the second problem: The other safehouse Denarian.

At Marcone's safehouse, where Harry first meets Tessa, he, Thomas, and Hendricks kill two Denarians. One is seemingly already dead by the time Harry sees it, describing the body as "black and big and furry." The second is Akariel, the antlered Denarian whose coin Thomas finds and brings to Michael's house.

Harry and Thomas do not bring the other Denarian's coin.

What happened to this other coin? We have a few options.

  1. This Denarian was not dead. It recovered and joined Tessa's group at the aquarium, where its coin would be collected by Harry's group.
  2. This Denarian was dead, but its coin was recovered by Tessa, who found it a new host in the 1-2 days between the battles at the safehouse and the aquarium. It then was defeated and its coin was collected by Harry's group.
  3. This was an extra coin beyond the eighteen (one at the safehouse, eleven coins at the aquarium, and six at the island). This means Michael was mistaken about the number of coins secured with the Church. And somehow nobody noticed the discrepancy, and somehow the presence of an extra coin never became an issue.

For simplicity, I will be working under the assumption that there were indeed only eighteen Denarians total in Small Favor.

Back to the three Denarians with Rosanna. Dresden says most of them "just looked big and mean." So that means two that look big and mean, and one that does not.

  • #9 is Big Fluffy, as I am now calling it, and is one of the two "big and mean" looking Denarians.
  • The other "big and mean" Denarian, name unspecified, is #10.
  • The one that isn't big and mean is #11.

  • Kincaid kills #5 (Shaggy Feathers). He also shoots the head off of #4 (Obsidian Statue), but it seems to survive fine without it. Obsidian Statue seems to go off on its own ("digging a hole through the bleachers and into the material beneath"), but again, for the count to work we'll have to assume it quickly rejoins the fight.

Seven of the eight remaining Denarians attack Ivy. That's:

  1. Magog
  2. Deirdre
  3. Rosanna
  4. Tessa
  5. Physical attacker Denarian A
  6. Physical attacker Denarian B
    • Note that neither #9 or #10 are specifically designated to be one of the physical attackers here, as Obsidian Statue could also fill this role.
  7. #11 ("a wizened little thing that looked like a caricature of a woman carved from a dried tree root.")

Great! That's all eleven! Except... Wait, there's a Denarian still alive here, right? One that isn't attacking Ivy?



Tarsiel is a problem. We don't know what Tarsiel looks like, so it could be any one of the other unnamed Denarians still alive at this time (presuming lizard-thing, Varthiel, Ordiel, and McKullen are all actually dead). We know Tarsiel isn't the "dried tree root" Denarian, because that is one of the seven attacking Ivy. But the other three?

  • Is Tarsiel "Big Fluffy"? Could be. This would make "Obsidian Statue" one of the physical attackers going after Ivy.
  • Is Tarsiel the other "big and mean" Denarian? Could be.
  • Is Tarsiel the "Obsidian Statue" Denarian? Could be. Tessa might have called out to redirect it since the last we heard from it, it was digging a hole through the bleachers. It proved itself resilient to Kincaid's attacks, and, as we later learn, Tarsiel probably isn't one of the Denarians Kincaid killed.
  • In the even that the Lizard Thing Denarian, like Obsidian Statue, survived Kincaid's shot, then it could also be Tarsiel.

After the battle, Nicodemus, Namshiel, Tessa, Rosanna, Magog, and Deirdre escape, leaving behind eleven Denarians, living or dead.

So who killed what?

  • Harry: Urumviel (confirmed)
  • Kincaid: Llizard Thing (seemingly), Varthiel (reported), Ordiel (reported), McKullen (reported), Shaggy Feathers (confirmed)
  • Ivy: "scales and fangs" (confirmed)
  • Luccio: Two of #4, #9, #10, and #11 (confirmed)
  • Michael & Sanya: The other two. (confirmed)

(I'm only considering a kill to be "confirmed" if we see a Coin leave the body, or if trustworthy characters confirm the death.)

It's not over. I'm sorry.

Because Michael contracts this information. Michael says that he and Sanya found a Denarian who had drowned to death. But the only Denarians who did not escape and were not definitely killed before the water tank explosion were Denarians that Kincaid supposedly killed.

So then Kincaid only killed four Denarians?

No, because Michael also claims that Kincaid seems to have killed five Denarians, based on the wounds on the bodies.

So which is it?

who cares i'm tired

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