Marianne Bachmeier Shooting the Rapist and Murderer of her 7y/o Daughter in Court

When trying to visit a friend her own age, Anna was abducted by Klaus Grabowski , a 35 year old butcher. He is said to have held Anna for several hours at home and then strangled her with a pair of tights. According to the prosecutor he had tied the girl tightly packed her into a box,which he then buried on a the canal bank in a shallow grave. Klaus Grabowski was a convicted sex offender and had previously been sentenced for sexual abuse of two girls. During his detention, he was castrated in 1976 and two years later underwent hormone treatment. Once arrested, Grabowski said that he did not intend to sexually abuse Anna. He said the girl had wanted to tell her mother that he had touched her inappropriately, with the aim of extorting money from him. On March 6 1981, the third day of the trail, Marianne Bachmeier smuggled a beretta into the courtroom and shot the alleged killing of her daughter in the back. She aimed the gun and fired 8 times, hitting the defendant 7 times, killing him instantly. A large part of the population should understanding for her actions. Marianne was initially charged with murder,the charges were then dropped. On March 2 1983 Marianne Bach was convicted of manslaughter, and sentenced to six years in prison. After 3 years in prison she was released from prison early as a suicide risk. On September 17, 1996 she died at the age of 46 years from pancreatic cancer.

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