Is marijuana accepted to the point of being able to smoke outside?

I believe we are just to the point where the shit is getting legalized everywhere that everyone has generally accepted it. You know it's a fact when even officers don't enforce it.

As long as you aren't being a dumb-ass w/ it, no one really cares. And I know that the down-vote queens will come out of the wood works, but I find the sticklers are more so the uppity citizens of Ann Arbor are the problems. Sure, on campus you're not going to really have a problem, but on the "outskirts"...? Maybe.

Some of the best people I've met are potheads. Lawyers. Doctors. Officers. Anyone w/ common sense knows that, just like alcohol, you don't go into work drunk. The same unspoken rule applies.

I've known higher ups at UofM that had a long ass surgery and went home and smoked a bowl. Who gives a fuck? Dude just saved a kids life. Does it really matter? No. No it doesn't.

In the end, be respectful. You're out on your balcony and a dude comes out and hits a bong? Say something. Be nice. "Don't care if you do it, but I'm here reading a book enjoying the sun. Let me give you ten or so minutes and I'll be back out. Cool?" "Cool."

Respect. You don't smoke? To each is his own. I don't drink, but I'm not going to look down on my neighbor for having a beer. Just don't do shit that fucks up other people. End of story. Stoners are, by default, some of the most laid back people around.

In my world? I'm a stay-at-home dad that has a four year old w/ Autism still adjusting to the fact along w/ a mother dying of COPD, but at the point where my whole lineage has already passed away by 35. On top of that I'm currently awaiting cancer test results, so guess what... Get fucked.

I, hopefully, believe that we've come to an era where smoking a joint isn't a problem because it's never been the problem, and that we've focused on so much bullshit that we've failed to see the true problems.

In saying this, sure... A cop could probably track me down, but for what? Your big bust is a dude smoking a fattie on his deck after a long day? Oh, big guy... I'm sure the boss-man is really proud.

I'm a solo smoker. My "pain" is finding folks to even smoke w/. Hell, you can't even go on /r/trees w/out asking if there is anyone in the area that wants to light up and swap bullshit. I don't even care if we've ever met.

One of the greatest things about smoking a bowl is the complete lax of boundaries it gives, much like alcohol. Alcohol provides you w/ the inadvertent, albeit idiotic, thought that you may have a chance w/ a person so in a way all bets are off. The hemp however is a different story. You could be on your balcony smoking a bowl when OP walks out w/ a joint. One of the first thoughts in your mind is going to be, "Dude... Wanna toke?" Why? Because you don't fucking care.

In that moment, all that shit is turned off. Pot generally affects people the same way. You toke. You chill. You laugh about mundane shit. You order food. That's the point.

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