Marijuana IS addictive, and people who say it's not are in denial

I agree. I'm smoke regularly and I don't intend to stop. There's a difference in semantics happening in this case. When people say something "isn't addictive" or that it's "non-habit-forming," that doesn't mean you can't get addicted to it, it simply means that there is no explicit property of chemical in the substance that causes you body to require more. I use zzzquil almost every night, despite the fact that it's advertised as "non-habit-forming." I also sleep with the same soft blanket every night. When I don't use zzzquil or I don't have that blanket, it is harder for me to fall asleep. In the literal sense, one could say I'm addicted to that blanket. This situation is analogous with marijuana.

P.S. If you're going to post an unpopular opinion, don't end your opinion by saying that you won't consider others opinions; it hurts the validity of yours.

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