Marijuana industry has nearly ruined me and left me bankrupt

About 6 months after he dies i am helping my friend im doing the manufacturing with move. His dad was making the wax in the garage. Now i knew u made wax with butane but i didnt know the process and his dad took me to the lab to show me his set up. Well with wax being made and butane in a closed environment he sparks a cigarette and blows us the fuck up. Im wearing shorts and a t shirt and everhone else is in fucking long clothing. We get trapped in the garage door wont open. After being stuck in a burning room for 1-2 minutes my friend pops the door and we get out. We end up going tk the hospital about 3 hours later. I didnt knkw at the time but my friends dad was a crystal meth addict and was scared to go to the hospital and wasnt lettinf us go until his brother came and threatened him. He had less then 10% burns my buddy had about 20% and i got about 45%. Go to the hospital coma for 2 weeks and i stayed another month and a week while my friend left after about 4 weeks. It was hell. Ever had people give u a shower everyday in places that just got third degree and some fourth degree burns? It aint fun. They even wanted tp amputate all my fingers on my right hand they thought i would never be able to use ot again. The head surgeon decided to wait amd see how it would heal before doing something so drastic. I had to learn how to walk and use my hands at 23 years old.

I decided i was done with the marijuana industry. But then inn2017 they pass a law in LA to legalize marijuana with doors expected to be open January 2018. The biggest thing was finding a spot that was zoned. At the time there was less then 200 zoned locations in all the city and basically if u had a zoned location and a complete application u would get it. So me and my.uncles decide to do it since i had a spot that qualified. We signed the lease in December 2017. 1000 sq ft paying $4500 a month. The city kept pushing back the date january 2018 became summer of 2018 to fall of 2018 to january 2019 to summer of 2019. All the while we paid 4500 a month For an empty retail location waiting to submit our application. They adjusted zoning after a while and more spots became qualified. Then when they announced the application date they also announced its now first xome first serve. Now thats a big rule change. You tell people one thing for 2 years and last minute change it. Well whatever we submit our application. The portal opened at 10 am we submitted our application at 10:04. 800 people applied. Then about a week or 2 after the application deadline a video emerges. The video shows somelne submitting their application around 9:50. He even shows in the video how on the list of applicants it shows his time stamp at 10:00:15 but he did it before. What does that mean? Corruption in the Department of Cannabis Regulation. They have a hearing and apparently say only 2 people hacked in early. Now thats BS because that means 1 of the 2 people who got in had to make the video and with only 2 people very unlikely one of them being a whistle blower. The city at first was thinking of eliminating the first 300 people on the list because they all had really early time stamps but it takes atleast a couple minutes to upload the documents and fill out the forms. With our 10:04 time stamp we got in the mid 500s on the list which is really bad because its first come first serve and they're only giving 100 licenses.

Now the city has decided there was nothing wrong with the process everything was legit and they are going forward with the list in the current order. Now to be able to apply rn you have to fall under something Called social equity. Meaning you have to make less then 46k a year and live in a certain zip code or have marijuana convictions from the past which i do. But there are people in the top 100 that dont live in any of the areas and live in mansions and are worth millions. These type of people make up a decent amount of people on the list. LA city is covering up a scandal and in the process screwing over a lot of people. We have spent around $250,000 on legal fees rent etc etc only to be fucked out of 2 years of hard work by a scandal. We most likely won't get the license and my time in the marijuana industry has cost me my friends and family about $400k since 2015. I can say this with confidence. If i don't get the license fuck the marijuana industry and corrupt ass LA govt.

I luckily enough have options. I might get into CBD after this but most likelt gonna join my friends real estate/loan company. He has been asking me for a year now to come over because i am a good salesman and a hard worker and i didnt take him up on the offer because i thought i just had to wait for my next chapter in life.

Sorry for the novel guys. Maybe no one reads this. But i feel better getting this off my chest. Happy holidays

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