Why the Marines have failed to adopt a new sniper rifle in the past 14 years

You missed my point. If you are going to be a conceited condescending asshole too everyone. Then you wonder why people don't like you.

Do you even fact bro?

You are mixing two arguments and expecting the fact checkers of the internet not to pickup. Training is 250000. Straight from pentagon website. Keeping them armed and fighting is the expensive part. Oh geez i wonder why probably because they are killing people in a far off land something called war. Clearly something you haven't seen.

Training a singular soldier and providing him with standard gear is about 1 million on the nose actual training is 250k upkeep during wartime is the expensive part something you failed to mention. You just copied an article and posted it here asking for arguments. Well here's mine.

Yeah that's expensive but that is the cost of the entire corps. Divided by the number of soldiers. Basic math not very accurate or efficient.

You are including the entire US military force in your copy pasta equation. not just what a single soldier needs. Yes the budget is tight. But guess what we have the budget of the top 13 countries combined. I feel like we should be able to figure out what goes into manpower rather than the army airforce and navy. which according to your source cnn.com that you copy pasted (and cherrypicked might i add) is included in that 2.1 million figure. Get a source from the source not a view whoring website. All mine came from either your sources lol. Or pentagon and various other .gov websites.

Get educated. Your alleged military time should cover that. put it to good use bub you need it. Military isn't mighty brainpower is. something you need.

heres your source

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