The Mark of the Beast

Have you ever read the Catholic rules on Heresy? It is the only organization that has every totally banned buying and selling unless you accepted it. Even the Soviets would allow people to barter and sell to each other if they were fired for having erroneous political views. The Muslims allow buying and selling if you pay a tax, they don't just ban it altogether for those who believe differently.

The Catholics are the only organization in recorded history that has done this, even banning sales between the laity and the banned person. Even in Rome, if you didn't have your libelus, you could trade onions with random street vendors in the fields, but the Catholic church forbid it's members from doing commerce with people it banned.

I have never heard the Catholic church be able to counter this. Even in Quebec Canada in the 1920s and 1930s prior to the quiet revolution, the Catholics controlled health-care, education, and credit unions. To join the credit unions, one had to be Catholic. That's a not a complete ban because the days of total ban capability are over, but it was still the same game of trying to crowd out all non-catholics from the commercial sphere (

How would you counter this problem with something other than calling it trash. Please address the concern, because everything else in the world is screaming at me to become Catholic. I have been researching churches all over the place. But it is the only body that has banned buying and selling and trying to economically destroy those who didn't believe its religion.

If revelation wasn't in the Bible, I would be a catholic right now. So much else can be chalked up to slander, libel, bad kings, but the Catholic church has clearly banned buying and selling everywhere, even barter between individuals for those who don't affirm its dogma.

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