Mark Hecht: Ethnic diversity harms a country's social trust, economic well-being, argues professor (Archived)

Unfortunately, the effect of eroded community trust seen in many places with ethnic diversity seems to occur even when all the ethnicities share common moral values or even share a religion, but are separated by culture.

My mom has been making new friends in a new community, and they seem to mostly bond over stuff they liked as kids and cooking. She and her newest friend binge-watched old episodes of The Monkees and they trade tricks on how to improve their old recipes, which are basically the same for both of them. That sort of relationship-building is predicated on shared culture throughout life.

An immigrant from, say, China, simply isn't going to have listened to such bands in the 60s or have a family recipe for Shepard's pie. And that is a very real barrier for such a person for relating with someone like my mom.

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