Mark Norman should be the next chief of the defence staff - Peter MacKay

No but there is a connection between Vance denying any wrongdoing and victim blaming. That is the apex of the rape culture he is claiming to despise. Deny it and make it the victim's fault somehow.

And for those wondering when Vance victim blamed he said the aircrew should have denied them access if they were as drunk as they claimed (despite VCDS and Chief West being there), disagreed with the official investigation and it's results, and then further defended their behaviour (the "party") by saying it was necessary to blow off steam before going to a dangerous place... in 2017... I somehow doubt Latvia or Ukraine is a dangerous tour, especially when compared to our last Op.

I'm on my phone and can't link, however a few days back a thread was made here releasing the conclusion of the case and it has Vance's direct quotes. It's pretty upsetting to read how she got hung out to dry and I would encourage everyone to read the article, because as I found out, a lot of us weren't tracking anything happened at all. If people can't find the thread I will tag them in it.

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