To market socialists.

The Utopian Market Socialist Nation that I envision is Capitalist and Market Socialist. I am not having much education but as of now I write my analogies for fun and sharing.

I am currently writing more as the days go, in this Utopian Market Socialist/Capitalist Nation in the beginning most or every company with 25 Employees or less will all 25 employees own the company and split everything as equals. The theory here is to inspire motivation by creating Individual financial empowerment and sense of pride in the fact that example; all 25 Employees own the company. Supposedly the level of service at a Shop, factories or company will be great. They can use Majority vote and vote out the worker that is detrimental to their success and thus more consistent service can be offered.

In this Utopian Nation when a Citizen is born they are given a bank account where 1,500 dollars( UBI ) is deposited in the bank account. At the age of 18 the Citizen can go to bank and retrieve this 324,000 dollars however it will be given as such..... 100K voucher to be used towards a Home to buy ( used anytime you ready) and 100k Voucher to be used in any school combination you desire example 4 year University with room and board or a mix of Trades can be learned using 100K and the final 124K will be given to the Citizen to start life at the age of 18 years old. One way we will try Nd create a humble and less violent society is that until the age of 18 everytime a teenager commits a crime then from the 124K cash this will be lower for each crime they commit but they still however would have the other benefits.

Now at the age of 18 the Citizen recieves the benefits above but now the 1,500 dollar per month UBI they can now cash them because they are adults. Here is how we somewhat balance out the workforce somewhat. There will be some that want to play video games in their 100K house and they are cool with living with the 1,500 UBI but then there will be more ambitious citizens that will use there 100K education grant and together with just a few other coworkers own the smaller scaled restaurant, tire shop, Gas station or any shop with about 25 employees or less.

I am from the USA and I use this Capitalist formula and in this Utopian Nation it would stay the same basically, except that now we dont have a few wealthy owners and now we have a Nation of many financial stable citizens.

Its a work in progress as I think random and write. Feel free to add any thoughts and suggestions so I can read and learn. Have a great day everyone

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