Married men who discovered they've made a mistake with the spouse they married and don't want to go through the rigors of a divorce. How have you coped with holding on hoping things change for the better?

My marriage ended in divorce before we even hit our 2nd anniversary. Prior to that we were together for 9 years. Looking back I sometimes think I made a mistake. But I've come to peace with it knowing I did everything to make the marriage work. I took "through thick and thin" to heart and was willing to tough out the marathon. But unfortunately she didn't have the same outlook and it was always me trying to fix things and make it work but it just became exhausting which led to our divorce.

My advice to any guy feeling like they made a mistake is to openly communicate with your wife. Over the years you both grow and change as people and some things will be different from year 1 vs year 5. Each year brings unforeseen changes that you both could never prepare for. As long as both of you have a good understanding of each other and are willing to make the effort to make the marriage last, you'll be fine.

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