You marry the first person you ever had sex with. What does your life look like?

We divorced after 4.5 years.

I was just fresh out of college and we decided to get hitched at City Hall before she had to go back home (another country).

We were only dating for a year before that and my elder sister (who used to be her bestfriend) warned me not to date her cause she is, and I quote, CRAZY.

She was extremely controlling, below are some few examples: 1. Told me I could only eat what she ate (Pescaterian)

  1. Limited my alcohol consumption (1-3 drinks a night) / could only get drunk (the good kind not the crazy im going to kill someone kind) with her and her friends and never with out her

  2. Told me that I couldnt hang out with my friends just by myself. When we were divorcing / trying ot work it out, she agreed to let me hang out w/ my friends 1-2 times a month but can only stay out until midnight and have a maximum of 3 beers (I was 27-28 at the time, working, supporting us....)

  3. Would get mad at me for pointing out things which she did wrong (ex. starting fights with her parents for really petty reasons), then cry, agree she was wrong then state that I need to apologize to her for making her cry :\

While those are a few negative things, she did make me a better person. While the things she asked me to follow were pretty extreme, I was able to take some good out of it. (Tried to be more healthy, limit the amount of times I drink / get drunk / misc stuff, see my friends more, to some extent understand what a "healthy" or "normal" relationship should be and we also have a very beautiful daughter).

The divorce was pretty rough and she is still a bit bitter (I think) of how things ended. I still see my daughter and support her but I only communicate with my exwife through email (We have yet to talk or see eachother since I left where we lived and that was 5 months before the actual divorce).

Currently, I am doing alright. Healthier than I was when we were together, working in a job which I don't like but we all have bills to pay...I am mostly a homebody but do enjoy going out w my friends several times a month to just catch up and shoot the shit. Told my sister she was right about her friend and laughed in my face (she still does).

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