Marvel Studios' Thor: Love and Thunder | Official Teaser

I could pull out a list of things, that most of you will disagree with.

I don't like the movie basically being the same tone as Guardians of the Galaxy, that includes Ragnarok. Thor went from a serious minded ancient alien struggling with his hot headedness, the weight and responsibility of being the future king of Asgard, to a quipping human dude bro frat boy in the matter of a 2-4 year period.

Why is a Valkyrie named Valkyrie and not her name of Brunnhilde? Who fixed Mjölnir, because I don't think Eitri is going to do that for anyone but Thor and who else would be able to do it if not him? I don't like how all the Asgard stuff is effective pushed to the side and he's basically like he is a human in the way he acts, that happens to be super powered now is mostly my gripe.

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