Maryland teacher arrested after fighting with student

Jesus Christ what is with the hostility? I was trying to clarify why people were possibly disagreeing with the original statement which had like -5 votes at the time. Nowhere did I say I was an expert. And no I don’t even fucking watch court dramas. But I am familiar with some procedures considering my sister was fucking murdered and I spent the first half of my life dealing with the courts and police. And surprise! That experience has led me to being interested in/studying criminal cases.

And to be so pissed off at a half-hearted, two sentence explanation? Did I hit a nerve unknowingly? I wasn’t trying to insult you. I’m sorry if I did. But I was truly just trying to be a part of the conversation.

My point was that the charges were dropped entirely is not because the students’ parents dropped charges. Considering the DA has final say, even if the parents didn’t want to pursue the case. I didn’t think a full blown explanation of all the possible procedures was necessary, considering the whole discussion was based on speculation and the commenters were just talking. Sorry, again. I’ll stick to other subs from now on.

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