This is a pretty huge assumption all coming from Peter offhandedly bringing up Aliens.

Tony asked Peter for the next move. Peter brought up Aliens because it was related to the idea to use the vacuum of space, similar to how he brought up Star Wars during Civil War. It seem very unreasonable to me to assume that it wasn’t Parker’s idea.

Even still, actually killing another sapient, human looking being by oneself is a pretty big hurdle for anyone to overcome, let alone a 15 year old.

Again, if Spider-Man realizes that she isn’t human (as I think he would rather quickly) and she’s attacking him, I see no reason he would pull any punches.

Really no reason to be condescending.

That was not my intention at all. I apologize if you interpreted it that way.

Tony, Rhodey, T'Challa, Vulture, it's not readily apparent that any of these guys are human and they clearly are enhanced with cybernetics.

Just minutes after meeting the Vulture for the first time, Peter described him as “the guy with the wings”.

In-universe, everybody knows who Rhodey and Stark are, and that the suits are built to have a person inside. I don’t see how bringing them up is supposed to call Peter’s ability to

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