Masked feminists pull fire alarm yet again at men's equality lecture in Ottawa, get kicked out by police

What do you mean by "[my] way of thinking," exactly? All I said is that our lack of female CEOs is a problem. Nowhere did I ever say they don't need to qualify or be a good match for a CEO. I think you have have made a logical leap somewhere in there. I think that simply appointing a woman to the position of CEO only because she is a woman would not help anything, and might even be detrimental (in several ways). There might be reasons for quotas in some circumstances, or to fix other issues, but I think many of those arguments fail in this context.

From where I stand, we are failing to maximize our potential when we're only selecting from 1/2 of the population to be our CEOs. This isn't some to-the-death gladatorial area where sex differences are going to make it nearly a physical impossibiilty that a woman could rise to the top. This is business, and I can see no reason why a woman could not be a great CEO. The issue is that there are barriers to many of us even considering the possibility that a woman could be a great CEO.

Remember that joke/riddle where the son and father are both in a car crash, the father dies and the son arrives in the OR, but everything stops when the surgeon says "I can't operate on this boy - he's my son" and the riddle is: who is the surgeon? Today, most of us might find the answer easily, but back in the day, that stumped some people. (If anyone didn't know: the surgeon is the boy's mother.)

I don't think it's really as simple as "women just need to qualify and become a good match" as you say. I think that we really do need to challenge some preconceived notions about what a good CEO is, and where that person can come from. If a qualified female was applying for an executive position, would she still be viewed as good a match as the equally-qualified man next to her? Maybe... or maybe not. My point that we should be able to just simply declare, without uncertainty: "yes."

I don't doubt that it will get better, but we shouldn't fool ourselves into thinking we've eliminated bias and found that promised land where gentials, skin colour, and gender don't matter.

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